My piano playing and teaching background

Passing on my love of playing the piano has been by far the most rewarding and enjoyable career for me. I was fortunate to receive piano lessons from the age of 6 to 17 and achieved ABRSM Grade 8. Later in life, I spent 4 years attending lessons to refresh my skills and learn how to teach piano playing, therefore I understand the frustrations and difficulties students of all ages can encounter whilst learning.  I have also worked with children in a school for 12 years which has given me insight into how to motivate children to learn and help them to work through problems they encounter.

I firmly believe that continuous professional development is paramount to ensuring that my teaching remains fresh and up to date. I therefore belong to an online teaching group, Curious Piano Teachers, and a professional body, Incorporated Society of Musicians. I have recently graduated from the Piano Teachers Course, with a Cert PTC (Merit) where I have learned new teaching techniques to inspire ‘students of the 21st century’.


Cert PTC – assessment feedback on an observed lesson with lesson plan

Lesson Planning (Distinction): “The lesson, as planned on the form, was extremely clear, well-balanced and well-structured….. showing a highly appropriate range of activities, and a very creative and resourceful approach, which reflected the interests and needs of the pupil.”

The Lesson (Distinction): “There was a consistently positive atmosphere through excellent teacher facilitation. Excellent leadership with an appropriate balance of teacher-directed and pupil-led learning. A highly appropriate variety of activity, and a very creative and resourceful approach, which addressed the interest and needs of the pupil. There was abundant evidence that the chosen musical knowledge and understanding was taught musically and effectively and effective practice strategies were devised, agreed, recorded and followed up on.”

The Lesson (Merit): “Most of the lesson had meaningful music making and communication at its heart. There was ample evidence that suitable technical and stylistic skills were being developed. There was very good evidence of teacher inspiration and demonstration of enthusiasm, musical skill and subject knowledge. The pupil was very involved, engaged and supported in the learning process. Difficulties were well diagnosed, and the teaching well adjusted in response to the pupil’s needs, interests and behaviour.”